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Coverage from Mines and Money London 2015 #1: Mining Journal

As Christmas gets ever closer, you could be forgiven if the rush of December has meant that Mines and Money London – which took place just two weeks ago – isn’t quite as fresh in your mind. We’re going to change all that (sorry) in a series of posts this week which sheds the spotlight on featured talks, debates and sideline discussions from across the week that was.

First up, we’ve curated the best bits from the extensive coverage of our Official Media Partner Mining Journal. Note that a subscription is required to view. Don’t have one? Claim your FREE trial by clicking here.

The window won’t stay open forever
When resource opportunities get talked about alongside bubble gum, the normal association is of a rally just about to come to an end. Amir Adnani’s comparison has more to it than that.

Hannam warns of black swan event
Even the so-called king of M&A Ian Hannam failed to come up with a case for an influx of transactions in the sector, while also questioning if the biggest miners – on which he’s built a career – actually represented the best investments now.

London: the capital of mining finance?
The mining industry is facing challenging times. A combination of a freefall in commodity prices, a sharp turn in Chinese economic strategy and a consequential dearth of capital for the industry means that it is not possible to call time on this difficult period.

The key to winning the deal
One can understand why S2 Resources’ Mark Bennett was asked to explore the anatomy of a successful mining deal at Mines and Money London 2015 – the pact he and Mark Creasy managed to pull off at Sirius Resources was a real corker.

Canadian juniors in need of options
Some of Canada’s best known provinces and territories were pitted against each other on Monday afternoon at the Mines and Money London conference.

Diamond market to snap back: analyst
The diamond industry’s ability to adapt to demand means it will be one of the first commodity markets to recover, according to Tim Clark, head of Metals and Mining research at Standard Bank.

Teaching investors how to fish
“I would call this a contrarian Mines and Money. People here are really hard core believers,” Fission Uranium CEO Dev Randhawa told Mining Journal as he looked out over the exhibition hall at the Business Design Centre.

Miners almost ready to look forward
Not everyone at the dinner to mark the end of last week’s Mines and Money conference got an award or made an acceptance speech but an observer with an understanding of human nature could tell that most people at the event had reached a stage in the mining cycle called acceptance.

Tackling the risks in Africa
Attracting investment funds for an African mining project can be difficult, even in the best of times. The commodity slump has seen somewhat of a retreat to the developed mining countries and exploration work taking on less of a wildcat nature and more of a brownfield one.

M&M panel spells out need for nuclear
Uranium miners and the nuclear industry as a whole need to take responsibility for bringing down the costs of nuclear power if it is to be accepted as a more widely used source of energy in replace of damaging fossil fuels, according to an expert panel at the Mines and Money conference in London last week.

Mark Bennett and co back in the field
Mark Bennett-run Sirius Resources was famously surviving on not much more than the smell of an oily rag when it made the Nova nickel find that sent its 5c share price into orbit. That was mid-2012 and in September this year Sirius became part of Independence Group in a A$1.8 billion merger.

Fund managers dig new air of realism
Put away the valium: there are reasons to be hopeful about the industry, according to top British-based fund managers speaking at Mines and Money London this week.

Are explorers really liars?
BlackRock funds manager Evy Hambro accused mineral explorers of widespread dishonesty at this year’s Mines and Money conference in London. Strangely, no-one seemed to care.

Revealed: China’s mining targets
A high-ranking executive at China International Capital Corporation has lifted the veil on what China really wants from the western mining industry.

Mines and Money London returns in 2016 on November 28 – December 1. Enquire about participation here.


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