18-21 April 2016
Hong Kong Convention
and Exhibition Centre


The conference this year was very rewarding and well attended by representative of the mining sector. I was happy with the quality of presentations and size of exhibition. Will definitely attend again next year.

Richard Thompson

“It was a great pleasure to be involved with Mines and Money Hong Kong - I very much enjoyed the weekend and appreciated the Gala dinner”

Simon Handelsman
University of British Columbia

“Wanted to sincerely thank you for everything. Looking forward to building a longterm relationship with you and your organisation!”

Roy Sebag

“I highly recommend the various Mines and Money conferences to all investors interested in the extractive resources industry. I find their events to be of highest quality including the staff’s organization, the breadth and diversity of speaker line-ups, and the various amenities (luncheons, receptions, networking opportunities) provided to attendees.”

Mickey Fulp
The Mercenary Geologist

“It really is the leading Pan-Asian mining investment event”

Kevin McElligott
Franco Nevada

“Mines and Money is a great event to attend if seeking many new opportunities in Mine financing”

Sean MacLean
Mineral Sector Analysis and Promotion (MSAP) Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

"The conference attracts a very good line-up of speakers and strong attendance from mining companies and investors. It is a very good forum to meet many of the key players in the mining industry”

Robert Edel
DLA Piper

“Thank you very much for the fantastic event!”

Peyvand Bayzae
Mining Valuation Research

“Well done on the event, informative and well managed! I enjoyed the round tables the most -a great avenue to meet people and share views.”

Alex Tonks
CRU Strategies

"A great conference”

Allan Trench
CRU Strategies & University of Western Australia

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is a great platform to listen to and to learn from the mining industry experts. We met many new companies this year focusing on Central Asia and had great conversations with the Chinese investors onsite, it’s amazing how the show continues to expand its reach in this difficult market!”

Jacky Sip-Lap Chan
Dragon Mining Global Group

“Mines and Money Hong Kong continues to be an important event for the mining sector and I look forward to future opportunities to participate in the future”

Ken Su
PwC China

“Even though the mining industry is going through rough patch but Mines and Money rocked!”

Kunal Shah
Nirmal Bang

“It was good to gauge the current temperature of the mining industry and also to find out more about some individual commodities and projects”

Patrick Welch

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is the leading mining and metals conference in Asia and has been so for several years now’

Nick Halkas

“The conference was perfect bring warmth to the mining industry in hard times and helping Chinese investors find good projects worldwide.”

Dr Yan Zhang

“Mines and Money brings a diverse group of industry members together.”

Sarah Boucaut
CEEC International

“Mines and Money is very strong networking platform with a lot of expertise available to attendees”

Andrea Cornwell
Vale International

"Mines and Money Hong Kong IS the mining industry in Asia and Australia and the city itself always competes to become the star of the show."

Chris Powell

"Mines and Money Canada Day is the best place in Asia for Canadian companies and Canadian investors to meet and get down to business. It is a full day of making new contacts, exploring possibilities, and getting up to date on Asian investor's needs."

Chris Roberge
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“It was a good success from a content and attendance point of view. Generally speaking I heard more positive comments this year than last year from investors I know”

Michel Labrousse
Mazarin Capital

"Mines and Money it is a rare opportunity to meet in one place investors, developers and mine owners in an easy going environment. Mines and Money Hong Kong is the best conference for companies and people active in mining in the Pacific Rim. I would strongly recommend any company from Latin America to attend this conference next year”

Victor I. Valenzuela
MinePower Capital

“Mines & Money Hong Kong is the most significant event on the Asian mining calendar. It is absolutely essential for keeping abreast of where the industry is going in the year ahead”

Matthew Clearfield
Elaixin Holdings

“I thought the conference was excellent and quite upbeat as the topics were very relevant”

Clive Donner
LinQ Group

“A superlative event in difficult market conditions”

Todd Everts
Forbes & Manhattan Capital Management

“The lunchtime roundtables were really useful and a nice format for interaction between people with different perspectives on a common topic. Definitely one of the highlights of the conference for me”

Batzul Gerelsaikhan
Asia Pacific Investment Partners

“I find Mines and Money to be the 'Go-to' conference to identify opportunities and obtaining information on key issues impacting supplies and demands on metals”

Peter Kuang
Alpha Group

“Well organized and interesting talks and seminars on a broad variety of subjects”

Gunnar Mansfeld
Primest Capital

"In challenging times for the mining industry, Mines & Money continues to bring together the best opportunities, companies, and people from both the mining and investment community. It is where deals get done!"

Jay Roberge
Zimtu Capital Corp

“Even in a tough mining market, Hong Kong Mines and Money is still a must do on the conference calendar”

Hedley Widdup
Lion Selection Group

“I did enjoy the conference, I thought it was a worthwhile exercise what I found particularly impressive this year was the seeming abundance of relevant Chinese contacts”

Peter Wright
Peter Wright

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is the event to come to in Asia if you are serious about mining.”

Rahul Goel
General Nice Group

“Mines and Money is a great place for capital providers and those seeking to gain capital to meet, get to know each other and discuss project operations and outcomes.”

Andrew MacLeod
Good Super

“Contrary to popular opinion on the current state of the mining industry, the Mines and Money Hong Kong event proved there is a significant amount of buzz and opportunities in resources."

Alberto Migliucci
Petra Commodities

“Good work in a hard market!”

Anthony Mileswski
Pala Investments

"A great event”

Hongyu Cai
China International Capital

“As the only oil and gas company with a booth we were able to differentiate ourselves and garner a significant amount of interest. The conference was very well run and the staff that we interacted with most did a great job.”

David Wall
88 Energy

“It was one of the best mining investment conferences I have ever attended”

Professor Ian Plimer
Hancock Prospecting

“The Chinese investor meeting zone helped me to make quality contacts for my project”

Antonio Tang
PT China Rich

“Mines and Money hosts the only serious mining conference in Hong Kong. It is a must attend for junior gold explorers”

Mark Child
Condor Gold

“It was a great conference and I personally met many interesting people there”

Dmitry Chumakov

“This was my first time at Mines and Money – I was pleasantly surprised at the new and interesting investor groups that I was able to meet”

Jake Klein
Evolution Mining

“The conference was an excellent event for launching our mining project to the international market in a difficult market”

Michael Kiernan
PT Internasional Mangan Group, Gulf Minerals Corporation

"Mines and Money HK is a must-go annual event for investors and mining companies to get together as well as to hear from the leaders of the industry."

Eric Wong
Ardeen Capital

"Mines and Money is an outstanding event and I was proud to be associated with it."

James G Rickards
Tangent Capital

"I found the conference, panel and investor round tables all very beneficial."

Geoff McNamara
Pacific Road

"Of any mining investment event on the market, I found Mines and Money Hong Kong 2014 to have had the best balance of all ingredients."

Mark Noppe
Xstract Mining Consultants

"The quality of the presenters and discussions make Mines and money the leading global mining investment event. I found it a superbly organised event."

Egon von Greyerz
Matterhorn Asset Management / GoldSwitzerland

"Mines and Money Hong Kong 2014 had a terrific speaker line up, and a certain optimism that has been lacking over the last year."

Richard Karn
The Emerging Trends Report

"I thought Mines and Money Hong Kong was well organised and offered insights into all aspects of mining investments, from the macro issues to the detailed geology and finance options. I would recommend it to anyone interested in mining, metals and finance."

Brent Cook
Exploration Insights

"A fabulous executed event. Really worthwhile attending to get an understanding of the Asian Investor psyche."

Jayant Bhandari
Anarcho Capital

"Mines & Money Hong Kong 2014 was an extremely well-organized event where I could fully concentrate on what counts: doing business. As time is money, I particulary appreciated the opportunity to conveniently set up meetings in advance and possibility to always sit down at appropiate places for one-on-one discussions. I will surely be back next year."

Jan-Eric Soetbeer
Euroswiss Capital Partners

"Great conference, very useful and lots of information and insights gained from speakers. Also many investment opportunities available from in depth discussions with various participants."

Anthony Yeung
Asia Resources Holdings Limited

"As a private investor it is difficult to meet with numerous mining companies in person. Mines and Money provided me with that opportunity. I found the speakers at the plenary sessions to be of exceptionally high quality. I look forward to attending future shows."

Mark Lay
Private Investor

"I really enjoyed Mines & Money HK. I found the selection of speakers excellent and the one on one meetings valuable."

Michael Leonard
Landroe Pty Ltd

"Thanks once again, I really got a lot from the conference in Hong Kong this year"

Hedley Widdup
Lion Selection Group

"Mines & Money 2014 was a great event, and we have located some nice companies which we will further discussed with them in details in regards to any sorts of M&A and/or investment exercises."

Xyras To
Ventures China Group

"Hong Kong is a very interesting location at this precise moment in time, obviously very close to China, and I think that people are going to start seeing that there is a fair bit of money [here] wanting to invest in the industry, so I think [the event] is really well-placed to assist with that. The forum's got to such a size now that there are all kinds of decent people you get to meet, so I think it's a very valuable and worthwhile conference."

Tim Goldsmith

It's an excellent conference. It brings together people from areas that, [with] Goldcorp being more focused in the Americas, we don't get to meet."

Charles Jeannes

This is a very good conference and it's something we need to participate more in. We need to be here, so that we can meet the miners, and bring the financial capital together with their needs

Tony Jensen
Royal Gold

“I attended the Mines and Money Hong Kong Conference for a second time in 2012 and I was astounded by the size, quality and organisation of the conference. The keynote speakers were a huge highlight yet again, and the representation of a wide spectrum of resource focused companies made it a very interesting few days of meetings and discussions for Oceanic Asset Management. I look forward to next year’s conference.”

Peter Ruse
Investment Manager, Oceanic Asset Management

“Mines & Money Hong Kong grows from strength to strength - definitely the "go-to" event of the year - very efficient organisation and always lots of interesting presentations.”

Roy Dean
Banpu Coal

“As a new company, Tigris Gold Ltd found the Mines and Money Hong Kong conference was a fantastic way to showcase our exciting projects in the Asian region. The calibre of attendees was very high, and the conference has generated a lot of interest, investment and business for our company.
The event also allowed for industry personnel to gather, compare new technology and review projects.”

Garry Plowright
MD, Tigris Gold

"Mines & Money Hong Kong has become a must attend mining conference for our industry's conference tour, and will serve as a key gateway between global exploration/mining and Asian investment capital"

Jay Roberge
CEO, Equitas Resources Corp and Associate Partner, Zimtu Capital Corp

“It was certainly the place to be to meet the key players in mining and mining finance in Asia.”

Tim O’Neill
Vice President, Corporate Banking, XAC Bank

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is very well organised and now one of the world’s leading resource conferences at a great venue.
The unique mix of informed and knowledgeable participants from Australia, Asia and United Kingdom presents an opportunity to present your business to a wide audience and the format creates a positive atmosphere to develop new business opportunities.”

Alan J Eggers
Manhattan Corporation

“The event brings together high profile speakers and companies of a variety of sizes and commodities giving a snap shot of the mining industry and trends in the industry.”

Michelle Yun
Bloomberg Hong Kong

“Mines and Money brings together exciting and interesting companies discussing their views of the mining industry. It has given us the opportunity to build relationships with what may be the next Ivanhoe Mines.”

Nicholas Trevethan

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is a stand out conference that is well organised, it brings together quality investors with a broad spectrum of mining companies for them to choose from.”

Terry Streeter
Waratah Resources

“Mines and Money Hong Kong brings together quality companies and people from within those companies, it is a conference we will continue to support.”

Morgan Bell
BC Iron

“The conference provides an excellent networking opportunity, where companies, investors and industry leaders are able to provide each other with valuable information and support for one another.”

William Bisset
Trans-Tasman Resources

“For companies that are looking for Chinese investment, Mines and Money Hong Kong is the place to exhibit.”

Terry Bates

“Mines and Money Hong Kong has risen above its competition in China, as evidenced by an ever growing number of companies and investors who have travelled to Hong Kong to attend this year.
From the Canaccord BGF perspective, it is the most important gathering in the Asian/Australian
time zone, making it an essential opportunity to bring companies together to access the strongest
growth region in the world.”

Warwick Grigor
Canaccord BGF

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is a must-do conference that attracts high quality investors and media from across the globe. The chance to meet with key audiences is invaluable to our clients and own business and was ensured by high traffic at booths in 2012. We will continue to support and recommend what is now Asia’s largest mining investment forum to our clients and associates.”

Warrick Hazeldine
Cannings Purple

“Well organised and well run conference. Valuable networking event.”

Ben Worst
GM Business Development, Snowden

“We have found the Mines and Money Hong Kong Conference to be of great benefit to our business. It provides impressive exposure to the top global mining and investment firms.”

Peter Rossdeutscher
Managing Director, IntierraRMG

"Mines and Money Hong Kong again provided an excellent platform for Challenger Deep Resources to connect with strategic and institutional investors."

Ranjeet Sundher
President, Challenger Deep Resources

“Great event; well run, action packed and a “must” on your annual schedule if you are involved in any way in resources in the region.”

K Andrews
Chairman, Asia Star Capital

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is the best opportunity for Chinese and foreign mining firms to gain a better understanding of one another and find ways of cooperating. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet with both established and up and coming firms from within China and around the world. Its emergence as one of the premiere mining events of the year points to Asia's increasing importance in the global mining market. It is not to be missed by anyone in the industry.”

Matthew Clearfield
MD, Elaixin Holdings

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is the undisputed centre of mining investment activity for Asia every year. It is the anchor tenant of the greatest mining investment bazaar in Asia where many others have created their own events and sideshows in the week surrounding the event. Its unparalleled ability to bring the best collection of investors, mining opportunities and information gathering has made the week it occurs "Mining Week in Hong Kong." If you only make one trip to Asia for mining a year, this event is the king.”

G. Andrew Work
Executive Director, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

“Mines and Money Hong Kong 2012 was an organisational masterpiece with 2,700 registrants moving among 300 exhibitors and hundreds of presentations. Kudos to Beacon Events and Aspermont! The awards presented at the dinner to Mongolia, Mongolian-based entities and Hunnu with its "9-bagger" sale of Mongolian assets were well deserved! We will certainly be with you again at Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013!”

Jim Dwyer
Executive Director, Business Council of Mongolia

“I would say the event is a “must-go” for all those engaged in the industry. In particular I found the panel discussion, ‘Exploring investor appetite for African investment opportunities’, held on March 23, 2012 afternoon very good.”

Kenneth Wong
Project Manager, CITIC United Asia Investments

“I thought the corporate attendance was great both in terms of industry and geographical representation. There were also some good keynote speeches by prominent figures in the industry. Overall I think it was a good conference.”

Jerry Zhang
Senior Managing Director, CITIC Capital Markets Holdings

“In my view, this is the best conference of its kind globally. The meeting of the source and destination of capital at a time of dramatic change in the global economy provides a unique opportunity for mining companies and investors.”

Chris Ryan
Contango Asset Management

“The Mines and Money Hong Kong conference is now quite simply the mining conference to attend in Asia. It successfully brings together Australasian projects with an ever increasing number of projects from the Americas and marries these with more and more relevant sources of capital from all over Asia.”

Bhagyesh Dash
Director, Bromius Capital

“I believe Mines and Money Hong Kong is probably the best run, most interesting and best managed mining conference of all I have attended since the early 90s. I believe it will become the premiere “must-attend” mining conference in the world. So having maintained and supported and financed so many early stage mining companies that have become some of the largest in the interim, this has become a key conference on my calendar.”

Gerard Farley
Founder, Principal & MD, Empire Securities/Empire Funds Management

"I travelled to this year’s Mines and Money event in Hong Kong in search of a project for one of our listed companies. I walked away from the conference with three potential assets. On the surface each of these may be suitable for acquisition for our ASX listed client. The event is structured such that one can choose to view the presentations which arouse interest, or catch up with the myriad of resource companies and broking houses in the booths outside the presentation hall. This year the event was bigger than last. Unlike other events at Mines and Money you get just that, no hassle from service providers. It makes life easier. Hong Kong is also a great place to have a night on the town with friends in the industry."

Daniel Fraser
Associate Director, Cygnet Capital

“I found the conference extremely useful. Many of the presentations were immensely informative and stimulating, and as usual the large number of exhibitors in attendance provided a valuable opportunity to follow up on the presentations as well as to test new investment themes. I look forward to attending once again next year as well as your event in Beijing.”

Nick Edwards
Managing Partner, Composite Capital

“This year’s show provided our fund with a couple unique opportunities we are following up on. Again, well organised and well attended!”

Marshall Farris
Principal, Ascenta Asset Management

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is a great conference because it effectively brings together investors from all over Asia, not just Hong Kong, to meet with international mining companies.”

Tim Sun, Ph.D.
Chairman, Hong Kong Canadian Mining Association

"Another successful event. Even bigger and better than 2011. It was good to see the progress made by some companies that returned from the prior year."

Michael Hampton
Private Investor, Hong Kong

“I found the show most valuable, well organised, with strong presentations and numerous contacts made and renewed.”

Adrian Day
President, Adrian Day Asset Management

“As a first time participant in Mines and Money Hong Kong I found the event well worth attending and will put it on the calendar for next year. The presentations attended were well delivered and it was a good opportunity to catch up with contacts that were all together in one place.”

Gavin Currie
GM, Creata Group

"Mines and Money Hong Kong is an excellent platform to interact with mining executives from around the world. The event offered added value sessions with key note speakers while providing great networking opportunities. An enriching experience for a first class event."

Jean-Sébastien Jacquetin
Managing Director, du Pasquier & Co., Inc.

“As always the conference was very well organised and provided me with a great opportunity to network with new and existing contacts. I was able to reconnect and follow up with contacts met at last year’s conference and have developed important new relationships at this year’s. The presentations I attended were informative, relevant and insightful. It is has become the premier regional conference and I can see it getting bigger and better each year.”

David Lees
Investment Manager, Australian Global Capital

“My team found your conference to be the best conference they have attended in the past two years in what increasingly seems like a sea of conferences. I am not surprised your attendance was up as the days spent at the conference were the best investment in time investment professionals could make.”

Graham Bibby
Chief Investment Officer & CEO, Richmond Asset Management

“Mines & Money in Hong Kong is one of the two or three must attend global mining conferences.”

Robin Widdup
Managing Director, Lion Manager

“The Mines and Money Hong Kong conference was a tour de force! An intensive feast of information on the resource sector and different commodities. Very well organised at a superb venue with expert inspirational speakers from around the globe giving particular insight to Asia and China with great networking opportunities in an informal and friendly atmosphere. It was important for me as a small private investor understanding the resource sector and helped me identify what to look for in investing in resource projects, project development & funding, management, commodities, macro-economics, etc. What more can i say, apart from don't miss it if you’re serious about investing in this sector. A huge learning curve in a short space of time!”

David Wright
Private Investor

“There is no question that Mines & Money Hong Kong is fast establishing itself as a networking event worthy of comparison with more established conferences such as Indaba and Diggers & Dealers. It is certainly a must in my calendar.”

Michael Anderson
Director, Taurus Funds Management

“Mines and Money Hong Kong has once again succeeded in bringing together quality investment opportunities in the resource sector and serious investment professionals in the region, this year to a much greater extent with more interesting comments and information flow which have generated significant market awareness.”

Richard Tsang
Chairman and Managing Director of SPRG

"The event has become very large and well attended indeed. This year it really became clear it stands head and shoulders above any other mining investment conference in Asia."

Alexander Molyneux
President and CEO of SouthGobi Resources Ltd.

“Well attended by diverse range of resources companies and also notable increased traffic of buy-side investors. Mines and Money Hong Kong is becoming the annual resource investing event to attend in Asia.”

Anthony Tse
Executive Director, Galaxy Resources

“Mines and Money Hong Kong is a wonderful opportunity to explore and meet with hundreds of mining and resource companies in a world class setting and has become a “Must Attend” event for our firm each year.”

Jeff Easton
Managing Partner, The Lind Partners

“The Conference and Exhibition is now, as is obvious from the number and calibre of exhibitors and delegates, firmly established as an event that attracts the most important participants in, and followers of the mining industry, not only in Asia, but from across the world. Mines and Money is to be congratulated on promoting such a successful programme that attracts such a wide following. The increased number of delegates over 2011 demonstrates the success of the Annual Mines and Money Conference, now firmly established in the calendar of those in the industry. As a representative of the mining companies focussed on the Asia-Pacific I wish Mines and Money every success in continuing to stage this important Conference to the ongoing benefit to the many related interests in the industry.”

Ian W Ross
Chairman, Indochine Mining

“As you are aware I recently attended the Mines and Money Conference in Hong Kong, on every level I found the investment of time in travelling to Hong Kong thoroughly worthwhile.
Whilst the company specific speakers were worthwhile I thought the credentials , subject matter and delivery of several of the keynote addresses was superb, in particular the address on day two regarding the policy options available to the Chinese Government, delivered by the head of JP Morgan in China along with the papers from Robert Friedland, GVK , FMG and Teck Resources.
There were several consistent themes which were interesting, hard or soft landing in China the emergence of Mongolia and others. Beyond the speakers the conference set up was fantastic with several companies we have interest in both small and large having booths to catch with all these people and other colleagues from the market in a central location was very useful .”

Peter Wright
Portfolio Manager, Bizzell Capital

“I am writing to congratulate you and your team on the excellent "Mines and Money 2012" in Hong Kong. Of all the mining conferences I have to attend around the world, this by far, outstrips them all in excellence. Not only are the speakers you have chosen at the top of their game and teach us all something new every time, but the calibre of people that one meets at Mines and Money, is by far superior to any other mining event that I attend.
My colleagues and I found no less than 4 potential investments for our clients from the company presentations and booths. We also found it impressive that the catering was of such high quality which allowed all delegates to remain within the hall at mealtimes, thereby permitting more interaction with others.
We will definitely be making this an annual event. I believe M&M to be an excellent platform from which to make new contacts and inroads for business for the rest of the year.
Congratulations again on an outstanding conference.”

Jennifer Fox
Managing Director, AfricAsia Capital

“Really got a lot out of it, one of the best lectures I have heard.”

Ronni Chalmers
Director, FSP Funds Management

“Exceptional growth!”

William Yung
Director, Prophecy Coal

“Very well attended by compelling corporates.”

Nick Henderson
Partner, Wellesley Partners

“The most important week in the mining calendar.”

Derek Wong
CEO, Rare Earth Capital

“Informative and expert commentary from active and successful industry participants.”

Bruce Pertzel
Principal and Co-owner, Pertzel Tahan & Associates

“The arrangement of the whole conference is perfect.”

Junhua Chen
Manager, Upperhorn Investment

"Mines and Money Hong Kong has emerged as the premier showcase for Asian investors and ASX listed companies in the resource space and Argonaut’s sponsorship of the Mines and Money conference in Hong Kong was a huge success and we look forward to continuing for many years to build on our franchise at this resource conference & exhibition. The event is becoming as important a destination for Australian resource companies as PDAC is for North America and Indaba is for Africa and it continued to attract a broad range of Asian investors.”

Damian Rooney
Senior Institutional Dealer, Argonaut Securities

“Thank you for arranging such a great event in Hong Kong and you have done a fabulous job in having the conference run smoothly. As an investor in the commodity space we have certainly met a number of good junior mining companies at the exhibition and we’d definitely love to join again next year.”

Samuel Chan
Director, Lotus Asset Management

“As a gold sponsor of the 2011 Mines and Money Hong Kong conference BGF Equities was delighted to see a large number of our high conviction ASX corporates supporting the event. Our investor client base was well represented and I have had only very positive feedback from all parties. This event has been on a fast evolving trend since inception but the move this year to the Convention Centre has proven transformational. Hong Kong is fast emerging as a major financial hub for the global emerging resource industries and the Mines and Money Hong Kong conference is now a central component of this. This conference will continue to get our full support in the future.”

Rory Leader
Executive Director, BGF Equities HK

“The Mines and Money Hong Kong conference you delivered was unique and has had our clients asking for more. Some of our client’s feedback says it all, ‘it has been one of the most memorable events I have ever experienced’; ‘you just had to be there’; ‘we knew Mines and Money Hong Kong would deliver the quality of investors we have come to expect, but this one has blown us away’"

Warrick Hazeldine
Managing Director, Purple Communications

"2011 was a breakthrough year for Mines & Money in Hong Kong. Previous years were worthwhile, but this has become an essential event. You could tell from the beginning talks, when two mining billionaires told their companies stories, back-to-back. What a treat to have this now in Hong Kong."

Michael Hampton
Private Investor

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“Wanted to sincerely thank you for everything. Looking forward to building a longterm relationship with you and your organisation!”

Roy Sebag

"I found the conference, panel and investor round tables all very beneficial."

Geoff McNamara
Pacific Road

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