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Podcast: Tim Markwell, Manager of African Funds, Lion Manager

Mines and Money spoke with Tim Markwell, manager of African Funds at Lion Manager, an early stage equity investor in resource companies that have advanced exploration through to operating mines.

Ahead of his appearance at Mines and Money Australia, we spoke to Tim about the most favourable countries for African investment, what key questions and criteria he uses to assess the investment potential of mining companies and what mining companies should be doing to attract the attention of resource investors in the current capital raising environment.


  1. At Lion Manager, you are focused on investments in explorers and producers in Africa. In your view, which set of African countries currently have the most favourable investment environment and which mining countries – for reasons of potential political risk, tax regulations or otherwise – should investors be avoiding in the immediate future? Where are the biggest opportunities? And where are some of the greatest risks?
  2. When you’re considering investment in mining projects in Africa, is there a unique set of questions that must be asked?
  3. For investors attending Mines and Money Australia – which you’ll be participating in this October – there will be a range of mining companies showcasing their companies and projects. As this presents a chance to speak directly to senior executives from these companies, what key questions should investors be asking to rate a company’s investment potential?
  4. For junior miners looking to raise funds in the current capital raising environment, what should be the top priorities of their management team to attract the attention of investors?
  5. Last week I spoke with Rick Rule who is one of your fellow presenters at Mines and Money Australia. His assessment of current market prices was that right now is a ‘once-in-decade opportunity’ to stock up on the best juniors. I wonder if you could comment on that statement and sum up the state of the market in your own words?

Tim Markwell is presenting at Mines and Money Australia on October 29 – November 1 alongside keynote speakers including Rick Rule from Sprott Global, Bert Koth from Denham Capital, Nolan Watson from Sandstorm, Kevin McElligot from Franco Nevada and Pan Guocheng from China Hanking.

Download: Mines and Money Australia Brochure

Attendees will have the chance to assess and compare more than 50 mining companies, speak directly to senior executives to ask some of the questions Tim outlined above and hear where leading resource investors will invest their money in 2014.


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